A Priceless Competition: Masters of Code Istanbul 2015

On 3-4 October 2015, I attended Masters of Code Istanbul Hackathon with a team. All team members were my friends from Turkcell, we developed official Android application of Turkcell Geleceği Yazanlar. So we all have known each member of the team, who is the best in design, who could lead to team, who is better on front-end and who is better on back-end etc. Before going forward, I would like to introduce my awesome teammates;

Feyza Okumus – UI/UX Designer
Abdullah Sarikaya – Front&Back-End Developer
Eren Utku – Back-End Developer
Yasin Arslan – Back-End Developer
and me also back-end developer 🙂


Team Master of Cities

Team Master of Cities

We decided to attend this hackathon 2 weeks before the hackathon. We made Skype calls and tried to find a cool idea about the Istanbul Challange. Istanbul Challange was;


Combine in-store or online travel purchases with gamification to let consumers unlock Priceless Experiences globally.

After making hours of Skype calls, we found an idea, and we believed that idea until the end of the competition. The idea was developing a mobile application that lists must be seen places when someone goes to new city. Application will have missions. When all missions are completed the user will be the master of city. And if the user wants to see another city, we will direct him to ticket page to offer him tickets with discount.


On 3 October, we were the first team who came to Koç University Incubation Center. It was good because we could reserve the place where we wanted to work. After opening ceremony, the secret API was announced, it was Lost & Stolen Account List API. At 13:00 all developers started coding. Feyza designed UI and we started to code each pages of application. We had 24 hours to finish the project. Firstly we developed application without using any APIs. After that we started analyzing the APIs that we would use in our application. Featured API was Simplify Commerce, we used it in Tickets page while making payment process. When we were using APIs we got some problems. We asked a lot of questions to Simplify Commerce developers and they always came up with an answer.

While trying to solve API problem :)

While trying to solve API problem 🙂

We continued coding until the last second of the hackathon. When time was 13:00 we stopped coding, we’d almost finished everything and started to preparing the pitch.

Mission completed :)

Mission completed 🙂

While waiting results after piching with Peter Van Der Linedn

While waiting results after pitch with Peter van der Linden


Eren was the person who demonstrate and present our awesome application to jury. We all was excited, especially Eren. But it was a cool presentation and we announced as a finalist, with 5 other cool apps. 6 teams demonstrated their apps to jury again. At the end, we announced for 3rd place. “Nane” announced as runner-up team and Mobil Bayi is selected the winner of Masters of Code Istanbul and they will represent Turkey in San Francisco. I wish them good luck in San Francisco and hope they would win first-ever Masters of Code Competition.

Team Masters of Cities, 3rd place

Team Masters of Cities, 3rd place


At the end of hackathon, Mete Güney, General Manager of MasterCard Turkey, came and talked with us. He said I really like your idea and do not feel bad because you didn’t win. Hearing this from him was pleasant. He was so kind, the workers who work with him are lucky because they have amazing Manager.

I would like to thank my teammates; Feyza Okumus, Abdullah Sarikaya, Eren Utku, Yasin Arslan,
MasterCard General Manager Mete Güney, Elvan Ebru Yektin and all MasterCard Crew who bring this hackathon to Istanbul,
AngelHack Crew! They have limitless energy!!!
Simplify Commerce Crew,
and special thanks for Peter van der Linden,
and big thanks for Eren Beksal Bektas.